Fragmento de texto (inglés)

Buenas, aunque se trata de un texto incompleto, pongo este fragmento para quien quiera que piense un poquito (en el próximo post pongo el artículo completo) :

"When you think about it, this is how dogs are evaluated at dog shows. How well you do will depend on who else is in the ring with you. If it's ten excellent dogs, and you are ranked #8 among this elite group, from your point of view you will have been "dumped" by that judge. And we've all seen the best of a bad lot win best of breed, awarding the win of a lifetime to somebody with a mediocre dog. Of course, the problem with this method of evaluating traits (or students) is that it doesn't select for a specific level of quality or performance. You might be the top student in your med school class, but if you went to a mediocre school and weren't competing against top students, your rose will smell just as sweet and your parents be just as proud as for the student at the top of the class at Harvard Med"


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